We read to know we are not alone.
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Some felt this chapter was cheesy, but it totally put a smile to my face!  Moreover, I thought it was extremely beneficial to the book.  Also, it opened up new opportunities for J.K. Rowling to maybe write another series!  PLEASE?!
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Hermione Granger is a reminder that not only is being a book nerd awesome, it is also extremely beneficial.
Friendship Friday

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I truly believe there is no greater friendship than this.  The friendship of Hermione, Ron, and Harry has the ability to withstand both the good and the bad.  Obviously, they encounter hefty issues throughout their lives, but at the end of the day they all love each other.  I believe J.K. Rowling wrote their friendship as an example for us.  It doesn’t matter the number of friends you have; what matters is the quality of your friends.

Are you a true Harry Potter fan? Can you name what movie this scene is from?

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